Friday, August 8, 2008

words that every blogger loves to hear their dreams.

I was tagged by Kimberly over at
Pumpkin Delight to do a meme. I am supposed to tell you about six quirks that I have. It will be difficult to find six things I am quirkish about...but I will wrack my brain.

1. I don't like cream cheese or sour cream. I won't eat anything that has cream cheese as an ingredient even if you can't see or taste it. If someone makes a cake that has cream cheese or sour cream in it, I won't eat it. I know I can't taste doesn't matter. Now, when I'm eating something I really like, I hum. I do.

2. I have to have real butter. I can tell even in cooking if there's margarine in something. My mother Rita, used to put margarine in a butter wrapper thinking I wouldn't notice. It drove me crazy. I'd rather eat something dry than taste margarine. I'm extremely insulted when a restaurant serves margarine. I was at a steak house called Black Anus and they told me they didn't have real butter because it's bad for our health...Huh?? The next time I went there with HSH and her Honey, I brought my own cube of butter. Healthy is a matter of perspective. Some people find red meat unhealthy, or desserts.

3. I love slot machines and playing blackjack. If you go to a casino with me and you don't want to play, that's fine. Don't stand over my shoulder to bring me "good luck" because it doesn't work that way. If you ask me if I'm hungry, and I say no, please, go eat without me. Thank you very much.

4. I Can't stand clutter. I like everything in it's place. People at work used to make fun of me because the only papers on my desk were in one folder for one project. I used to wipe my desk and work area with rubbing alcohol at the end of each day. don't ask me why.

5. I sing when I drive, with the music loud, especially on the open road. I was enjoying my singing once on my way to San Diego, and a CHP on a motorcycle had to come up and cut me off to get my attention. I didn't hear his siren. I cuss at bad drivers (with the windows up).

6. I let my grandchildren eat whatever they want, whenever that want, where ever they want. We don't ever tell the parent units what we do.....ever!

7. I sleep with the TV on. I never turn it off. I also make my bed as soon as I get up, before I do anything. I like white sheets only, 400+ thread count, no flannel, no satin.

Ok, I did seven because there are several more and it was hard to pick just six. But as long as I'm on a roll, I have to say, I hate salad dressing....all salad dressing. I love salad, and don't assume that I want lots of lemons to compensate.

Now I'm supposed to tag six people. I was going to break the rules because Pumpkin took all my friends. Well, except for Hollywood and Nick. They don't have blogs. Of course there's Bossy and P-Dub, but they don't do meme, mimi, mama's. If you would like to do this quirky thing then please do! Let me know cuz I'd love to read them.

If you decide to do this meme, here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Mention the rules on your blog. (Here they are.)

3. Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours.

4. Tag six fellow bloggers by linking them.

5. Leave a comment on each of the six blogger’s blogs letting them know they have been tagged.


Rebeckah said...

You are supremely interesting : ). I like the same kind of sheets you do! I love that you let the grandkids eat whatever, wherever, whenever : ). You are great.

Lacking Productivity said...

Black Angus told you they don't have real butter! They were totally lying. There is no restaurant chef who would allow his/her kitchen to not have real butter.

Caroline said...

Black Anus steakhouse...I was laughing to hard to read the rest. God, I love you!

heartshapedhedges said...

Regarding Black Angus,

I think she brought an entire cube, and I think she used the entire cube!

This is a case where the apple rolled far, far away from the tree. I dont use many condiments and ecoutrements.

jlo said...

Grandma J you never disappoint!! I love a good thread count too. Once you experience good sheets you can NEVER go back!!

hollywood said...

I am going to put my six quirks on your blog. I see you dont like clutter, I saw your front porch. heehee

I am off to register Stevi for school and her motto is 'what happens at grandma's stays ast grandma's' I never know what those two are up to! '

And I am getting a blog, today!

Big Hair Envy said...

What a crack up!!

I like cream cheese AND sour cream. Can we still be friends?? heehee!

Grandma J said...

BHE, everyone likes sour cream and cream cheese except I wouldn't have any friends otherwise.

HOLLYWOOD! I can hardly wait....I'm sure all 3 of my readers can't wait either! Imagine, going from lurker to blogger in a week! WOW! Ummmm warning..don't go flirting with Nick! Just say'n

Nick said...

WOW I could eat a whole block of cream cheese on triscuits! the thing about rubbing your desk down with alcohol is freakin hilarioius!

mysecondjournal said...

I've done this one a million times, I may run out of wierd things about me :0)

OK..the sour cream thing..I think that is VERY Quirky/Wierd.

Bubba's Mom said...

Love your quirky self! I share some of the same ones, such as the sour cream thing, and the sheets really need to be 100% cotton too, my motto is "what happens at Nana's house, stays at Nana's house" and I never rat them out. When I worked (gee, that was a long time ago!) I was also a compulsive neatnik and I hated for other people to "borrow" my scissors, stapler, paper clips, any of that stuff. Gee, I feel like I already know you!

hollywood said...

heehee....I realize Nick is OFF limits! Point taken, what about Kelsey??

CGS said...

My husband and my dad both won't eat sour cream. I, however, love it and use it often in cooking. I just don't tell them. They never know the difference. =)

Pumpkin Delight said...

I am right there with you at the casino, but I'm not a big slots fan. I like black jack and LOVE, LOVE, Love craps. I

And real butter is healthier than margerine. My healthnut friend Tami told me so. Liers.