Saturday, November 22, 2008


We have Birthdays and Basketball, in no special order.

This was a busy Friday. I went to my Matinee, and then rushed home to bake a birthday cake. Not a typical birthday cake, but a lemon bundt cake for my son-in-law, who turned &* years old today.

I got my ingredients together...minus one egg. So, I throw in extra vegetable oil, no?

Then I get the high tech equipment ready. Don't lie now, doesn't it feel like your in Pioneer Woman's kitchen?

After I make the cake, I put it in the freezer to cool it down....another one of my nifty techniques. Then I make the glaze. Just powdered sugar with a bit of water and lemon flavoring. This works as well as the ones that call for butter, milk or chicken livers...believe me.

I rush over to the high school at four, to pick up a couple of my daughter's neighbors' kids, take them home....put the cake on the kitchen counter.

My grandson wants to go to the store to get a last minute gift for his dad.... HUH? OK, just to Walgreen's, but before I leave, I see JJ crying so I take him with us.

We return, put the gift bag on the counter by the cake and take off for my granddaughter's basketball game at the high school. We get there with time to spare.

This is a good family friend and the boy's varsity coach.

This is him all decked out at game time. I love that he always wears three piece suits.

My granddaughter's team played Round Rock. Score at half-time? Harker Heights 13 Round Rock 30.

The Birthday Boy, SGT John, shows up during the second quarter...he's busy getting his unit ready to deploy soon.

Then my daughter shows up, after spending all day in the operation room.

The final score was Harker Heights 39, Round Rock 43. Nice comeback but not enough. I leave the family to fend for themselves the rest of the night....and head on home.

Tomorrow he has a baseball tournament out of town! What's on your plate this weekend?

*Don't forget, I will be leaving helpful gift ideas for Christmas. Basically they will be gifts I'm contemplating getting for my own children and grandchildren...and I'm sharing these great gift ideas with you! These will appear on the bottom of my page. Starting today is my first gift idea, check it out.


Deb said...

well...if you post the gift ideas...won't the grandkids know what they are getting? I'm just wondering...

Anonymous said...

What a busy family. I bet the cake was GREAT!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I know the answer!!! That bowl was Phil's helmet. What do I win...a piece of that cake?

Your granddaughter is gorgeous. They must have played admirably in the second half to make such a come back.

Can't wait to see your gift ideas. If you're shopping for me, I can always use jewelry and cash.

Anonymous said...

Nice family. The birthday boy, according to his rank, should be retiring soon. right?

If your daughter doesn't want that Roomba, you can give it to me and my cat.


Busy Bee Suz said...

The cake sounds great. I love lemon nice of you to make the cake for him...I suppose he did give you gorgeous grandkids, he serves our country and seems like a great SIL...he deserves cake!!
Love the roomba/cat. JJ would love it too.
take care,
oh, I have been cleaning if you really want to know what I did....still not done.

Anonymous said...

lol...I just realized Phillip Johnny Bob @ the game. He needs some pom poms for Christmas!

Katrine said...

Your granddaughter is very pretty!

Unknown said...

I did feel like I was in Pioneer Woman's kitchen : ). The only difference was that your photo's are a little clearer and crisper thus making the recipe journey even more exciting!

My Daddy loves lemon cake. Maybe I will make one for him on Thanksgiving. Even though I am just responsible for a vegetable and a salad. No one will shoot me for showing up with a dessert, right?

Your grandaughter is lovely : ).