Saturday, June 26, 2010

Know Your Limits

Of course it would be advisable if Grandma J would follow her own advice......

Because she has been flat on her back the last couple of days with a pulled muscle in her lower back.
The carrier guy came to pick up her granddaughter's car, and because it's a new car, and the driver had dirty hands.........

Grandma J pushed the car up the ramp all by herself.   And in case you don't believe her......

Take a closer look.   

But just know some pictures aren't quite what they seem.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A to Z Monday
....the edible edition

Brought to you this week by the letter V  as in

Velveeta.....a pasteurized cheese productish.

Now, Grandma J isn't a big fan of Velveeta, but she does know people who worship at the alter of Velveeta.  And seriously?  A zillion people are right there with them.  Grandma J will take you on a tour of this nutritious binding gooo tasty food stuff.  

click on photos to enlarge

This 1928 ad is the oldest one Grandma J could find.   Don't know what happened to the Phenix part of the Kraft Corp.

But, by the 1930's this foil wrapped food product was the hottest thing since sliced cheese.

Velveeta was being served by all women in the know.   And it made their husbands feel so suspicious as to how the heck they kept this cheese so fluid!

By the 1950's mothers all across the country knew that nothing was better for their little tykes than Velveeta.   Unless it was last weeks Uncola.

So they were whipping up yummy meals like this one with apples, bacon, toast and Velveeta.

Of course nothing could out do this Velveeta favorite.

Over the years, Velveeta morfed into  a plethora of products and various flavors...........

Fast and easy too.......

This is NOT a Velveeta dish....but it could be.   Have you ever seen anything so um, disgusting yummy?

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reviewing A Movie....
...chosen by lmnop stuffing the ballot box popular vote!

 Grandma J was so pleased with all the  movie titles  her blister and blogger friends suggested.  Heck, some of them were from non-blogging friends, but friends just the same.

Grandma J has seen The Proposal and It's Complicated.   Babies isn't  playing anywhere in the area.  Maybe it's too new for Central Texas?   Karate Kid looked cool as did A-Team.....but because Grandma J misses her slinky, and because her friend lmnop named her late precious dog Woody after the  cowboy in Toy Story, and because she posted three times, Grandma J decided to see Toy Story 3.

Then, Grandma J got the following notice on her door.......

                                   click to enlarge letter

So, Grandma J waited for this all important interior examination of her abode......but no one came.

So, Grandma J decided to go to  a Saturday see a children's movie...on it's opening weekend.   Forgetting that movie theatres fill up on Saturdays, she didn't get there early.

It's been ages since Grandma J had to sit in row 2....with her neck arched back, looking almost straight up at the screen.   Lots of babies and little kids crying, and other children running around.  And yes....most kids enjoying the movie.   

Enough whining about logistics.....let's review this movie!

Little Andy is all grown up and getting ready to leave home for college.   His mother wants his room cleaned out so his little sister can take over.    Andy has three options for all his junk loot......

1.  Boxed up for college
2.  Packed away for the attic
3.  Trash!!

The toys....the ones who have lived with Andy all these years where stunned by the announcement.   They were even more saddened when Andy decided to store them all in the attic...except for Woody, who was going off to college with him.

When Woody saw Andy's mom mistakenly take the trash bag full of toys meant for the attic out to the curb, he panicked, and slid down the rain gutter to salvage them.   

The toys took refuge in the back of the family's station wagon, and ended up at the local daycare.   At first they liked the idea of kids playing with them.... 

But these kids are nasty and distructive.

You see, Lotso, the pink overstuffed bear is in charge....and all of Andy's toys had to earn their stripes in the room with all the toddlers who liked to break stuff and write on stuff, and step on stuff........

So Andy's toys rebeled, and asked to move up the chain, but Lotso got nasty.....and Ken wasn't much better.

Baby was the enforcer....and a bit scarey... Grandma J thinks Baby is what made all the kids in the theatre cry.

Andy's toys tried to escape....but ended up at a dead end......overlooking a dumpster.   So, if you want to know how it ends....go see it, you won't be sorry.

Grandma J loved the movie....more than she thought she would!  

 That's why she's giving this movie 5 out of 5 toy chests!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grandma J Needs Your Help

Today Grandma J is gonna buckle down, bite the bullet, and do some major cleaning.   By major cleaning she means make her bed get down on her hands and knees and scrub stuff and then do some spit and shine stuff.

And no, you don't have to indulge in this drudgery of chasing dust bunnies.   What Grandma J needs from you two loyal friends is much more important and serious.
Please pull out your hair all your resources like your newspaper, or theatre  guide.......jump on your pony Internet browser and scour the web.....

And find Grandma J a good movie for her long lost Friday Matinee....because she's more than ready to escape this Texas humidity see something entertaining, funny, or not. 

Majority rules...Grandma J will let you both decide...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Say Ahhhhh!

A while back, Grandma J had an episode of something diagnosed as strep.   She saw her doctor's PA who gave her a plethora of drugs.... sorry, I love that word plethora, and sent her on her way. 

Then Grandma J went back a week later to see her doctor.   This is the doctor with all the theme examining rooms.  

Like this one Grandma J was in last year.

This is not her doctor.....but if her doctor liked Ken dolls, it would look like this.   But, Grandma J's doctor doesn't like Ken dolls........

He collects GI Joe dolls.   This is one of many that are fully geared up and ready to protect and defend!

This is his Special Forces GI Joe with all his Special Forces stuff.  

Yes, Grandma J's doctor has a vintage GI Joe lunch box.   It's mounted high on the wall like the rest of the collection, so Grandma J couldn't open it to see if there's a thermos inside.

Now, Grandma J's doctor does let his patients play with some of his GI Joe stuff......

This box, under the usual table with magazines, has a plethora of GI Joe body parts.  Grandma J  didn't have time to play with them check them out, but she did notice that quite a bit of  the clothing has been removed.  Maybe next visit she'll have time to put some of their boots back on.

What's in your doctor's examining room?

Monday, June 14, 2010

A to Z Monday
..the edible edition

Brought to you this week by the letter U

As in UN

click on all pictures to enlarge
 For the UN-Cola....7-UP

Let's start with a bit of trivia about 7-Up.   Notice the eight little bubbles on the bottle on the right?   Yeah, long ago in the 1930's or 1940's someone in the bottling plant probably said something like, shouldn't this stuff  be called Eight-Up?  But, since that would mean  firing the boss and his wife changing all the graphics, business cards and email addresses, the decision was made to just eliminate a bubble.

That doesn't mean that all the bubbles on the buildings and trucks had to be eliminated.

The old metal coolers!   Didn't every family have one and didn't it have some kind of advertising on it?   Ours said Coleman, which must have been an ancient soft drink.

And wasn't Dad a hoot after guzzling a half a dozen 7-Ups?   When he played circus clown, the laughs came fast and furious.

But then maybe Dad was spiking his 7-Up with gin.   Who didn't?   I mean it was the mixer of choice until Canada Dry came up with Collins mix.  Of course some people like their gin on the rocks. 

Now Grandma J would  be amiss if she didn't mention the  nutritional benefits of  weaning baby with 7-Up.  And just in case you couldn't get enough  7-Up as your beverage choice...... 

They created a 7-Up Cook Book filled with a plethora of tasty recipes!!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Amenities...demand them

When JJ moved to the Spa to live with Grandma J, he had to give a $400 deposit, and is obligated to pay $20 a month rent!    That's right.....he has to pay rent, even though the floozy in the next building over pays nothing extra for her live-in boyfriend!  

Now, Grandma J has b&*ched and moaned about the lack of landscaping and other essential amenities that have been visibly absent for over a year now.   The original contractor went belly up, and the parent company ended up in bankruptcy......can you say cry me a river?

A new owner came on site a month ago....raising the rent and upping the pet fees.  

JJ wants his $20 worth of he made some demands.

That's right.....he made a few demands....

To his own personal specifications............

Including the mandatory landscaping...........

Grandma J wants to know JJ's secret