Sunday, November 9, 2008


......then this must be Saturday....part II, III and IV

It's been one of those days when you don't stop from sunrise 'til sunset.
Like floating down a lazy river in Texas. Because, if you remember, rivers are the infrastructure of choice when it comes to travel in Central Texas.

Here is where it begins and ends......

I have highlighted my travels this past Saturday for you on this River Map of Texas.
That's home there in Killeen, and after my early morning book signing trip, see Saturday, Part I, I headed to the C
ity of Lampasas for my granddaughter's basketball tournament. The population of the town of Lampasas is about the same as one basketball team with four alternate players.

The family wouldn't miss a tournament for the world.

Neither would this guy...who doesn't have a horse in the tournament. He likes basketball, any basketball.....plain and simple.

We watched my granddaughter shout orders to her teammates on the court...

and from the side lines.

After traveling back home...I changed clothes and headed out to a birthday party for one of my neighbors in the Compound....
Donna. Donna invited everyone to her daughter's home to celebrate. She is one of the Aqua Aerobics members, and more specifically, Donna is the one who said Theodore Kaczynski, the Una bomber, was her pen pal.

Donna gets two birthday huge one to serve to the 85 guests, and one small one for the candles. It seems last year Donna blew so hard she ended up spitting all over the cake...and no one would eat it.

After Donna opened her gifts of cigars, booze and bath salts, I bid her farewell and best wishes....even though the sun was setting, my day wasn't done.

See here on the map? I headed north on the faux river known as the I35 corridor past the city of Waco to
Bellmead Texas, which is really still Waco.

I arrived just in the nick of time to watch the first of two baseball games for my grandson.

This one, with the goofy smile!

And remember the basketball player?

She was there talk on her cell phone cheer on her brother.

The last game was yet to be played, and it was after 9pm. Since it would be after 11 PM when the game would end, and the next game was early Sunday morning, the team parents decided to get hotel rooms so they could party make sure the boys got a good night's sleep.

I had other priorities.......

Making sure He didn't spend the night alone.


Busy Bee Suz said...

You had a very busy Saturday. I thought you were retired?????? you might be better of going back to work. :)
Such a good Grandmother, attending the sports games. I am sure the kids appreciate that.
ANd taking care of JJ? You are his lifesaver.
Stay away from Donna. She is a loon. I hope you are not the one who got her booze. That does not mix well w/ the meds. :)

Unknown said...

Suz, yes, Donna (not her real name) is bi-polar and has spent quite a bit of time at the Pavilion (an inpatient psych ward). I am cautiously nice, but don't encourage a deeper friendship. She's been known to camp out on my porch...and I've had to call security...sad.

I did not give her booze...I gave flowers.

Unknown said...

Wow, what a day! I just said a little prayer for Donna. Flowers were a perfect present! I am glad you are at the compound. I know you bring sunshine to many people! "Those who spread sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves" CM Barrie

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Busy days are good, even though they make the weekends go by so fast. I'm glad you have your priorities straight. :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Grandma J., you're something else. Traveling all up and down the state of Texas, cheering grandchildren on, attending birthday parties to provide support, and loving on that little dog. You have to be exhausted.

Why don't you take tomorrow off and let Phil do the blog for you?

Anonymous said...

...WoW, I am impressed! You always say I make you tired...looks like you had a day like mine!! Hope you got some rest w/JJ today :)

Anonymous said...

What a busy girl! I LOVE that there was a blow out cake so ya'll didn't have to eat spit. Hilarious!

My Thanksgiving is going to be spent at work. Then, maybe I'll pick up some Luby's for dinner!