Friday, October 31, 2008

Here's how it went down.....

Astro bear , who now has a new name, and I, picked up JJ to go with us to the middle school.

My grandson official name drawer got out at 3:35, and we scurried to his house to start the process.

We folded all the entries, and shook them up in the official bowl.

We made sure they were mixed up, then mixed up again with some shaking going on. Finally, the winning name was drawn........

Congratulations to Mila @ Life With Kaishon, for submitting the winning name....

Ladies and Gentleman, meet Phillip Johnny Bob!
Yes, that's the luck-of- the-draw winning name. I may refer to him as Phil is that's ok Mila? But, on legal documents it's always Phillip Johnny Bob.

Mila, please email me your address so I can send you your Walmart Gift Card. (this red one is the actual card).

Thanks to all of you who entered, That was fun. There were some really cute and clever names.


....until Monday, and here's why

The why is because I can't find a movie that I like ends in time. Because in case you forgot, I have a contest that ends at NOON PDT....which in plain old English means 2PM in Texas. Which is why Grandma J has to personally pick up the official winner picker from school. And that's because we want to get the show on the road ceremoniously have the official drawing with all the pomp and circumstance the winner deserves.

So here's how you can help...because I count on readers like you when decisions get tough. Please put your heads together and let me know which movie I should see on Monday. It's between two movies...the only two playing around here that I care to see. All the others are too scarey or here we go

The Secret Life of Bees.....I love queeen Lativa and Jennifer Hudson. I've read the reviews, and the critics are very critical...but the reviews from the viewing audience are somewhat better.

Zack and Mira Make a Porno....Ok, don't say it! I don't like porn..but supposedly the only reason this movie is rated R is the language. It originally was N-17 (or something like that). The reviews were very good, and it's supposed to be hilarious...if you can get beyond the word Porno.

Either way, I'll go with the your choice...Majority Rules, that's my motto.

* If you haven't voted on picking a name for my bear, you still have time. I have a little slide show over on the right in case you don't remember him know what he looks like.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


The deadline for naming my Astro Bear Contest... is tomorrow!

In case you haven't entered yet, and you can't think of a single name.... I thought I'd let you know a little bit of history about Astro Bear...

Life started in a small Build-a Bear town at Downtown Disney in Southern California .....and today? My astro bear is right around two years old.

Astro bear unlike the cowardly Lion, has two hearts. I'll say it sweet bear has two hearts.

Placed in his chest with good wishes and kisses by these two.

Now, Astro Bear has been through thick and thin with me. We traveled from Southern California to Central Texas when I retired. Life has been much more relaxed here..... less hustle and bustle.

He enjoys everyday activities like the rest of us, and is enjoying his life here at the compound with Grandma J.

If you haven't entered my "Name the Bear" contest yet, you still have until noon pdt tomorrow.

This is the grand prize. The best part is my bear will have a real name...chosen by the lucky winner! Could life get any better?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Game 5: Take 2

And that is the way the end started tonight

And this is not what snow looks like in Phillie

No, it's Champagne!

Congratulations, Philadelphia PHILLIES!

And my own personal kudos to.....

Cole Hamels MVP, 2008 WORLD SERIES


This is Cloris on Jimmy Kimmel last night after she got the boot from Dancing With The Stars.

I found it hilarious!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Object in Mirror is Cuter in Person

Enough about the World Series and Name that Bear contests....

A popular blogger posted about her beloved dog Charlie....again. He's a fine speciment of a dog, a Bassett Hound, and just as cute as can be. Recently she posted some pictures of Charlie in her side mirror of her car.....and said it was more fun that a barrel of monkeys, and suggested that her readers try it.

Did I just win something for the longest run-on sentence?

Well, not to be outdone, I thought I'd take some side mirror shots of JJ today.

Yeah, it wasn't easy...he likes to look out the drivers window because the ones in the back only go down halfway.

But he's always on a mission, no matter...even from the back seat.

"JJ, lookie here, Grandma J sees you! for Grandma J"

Once we get to the High School parking lot....his focus changes...he's on a bigger mission.

Looking right........

Then he hears a familiar voice.....'s his big sister



until the Spring thaw Wednesday

Monday, October 27, 2008


I had a feeling Game 5 would be cancelled due to rain...but nope..a little bit of a delay here and there...with some work by the grounds crew, and then it was "PLAY BALL"

It looked like the Phillies had it wrapped up, then in the top of the sixth inning, the Rays scored....tying it up, 2-2.

The umpires called a rain delay around 10:30 PM, and the infield was covered...I don't know, it's after 11 PM, and the rain isn't letting up.


Game 5 will resume in the bottom of the sixth inning Tuesday on FOX at 8 p.m. ET, weather permitting.

So, when the Fat Lady sings, you know it's in the bag.

I really got caught up in what could be the final game, and yet I was also watching Monday Night Football...and Dancing With The Stars.

I have to say, DWTS was extremely boring. I know, it was probably just me. I mean, I was really into both games.

When they got around to the Olde School Hip Hop group dance, I tried to give it my undivided attention....Then Cloris came bouncing out with a boom box the size of New Hampshire on her shoulder!

I love the woman, and there is so much to admire...but really, she's getting on my last raw nerve. I feel guilty saying that because I couldn't do what she does, and she's old enough to be my mother. Seriously, I try doing Richard Simmons, "Sweatin to The Oldies" vol 2, and after ten minutes I need a break.

It's sad, so sad because I really like her as an actress, and she's sweet. Please tell me I"m not the only one who feels this way?

**Now don't forget to submit a name for my little Bear. See him over there in the column on the right? The little slide show? The winner gets a huge Walmart gift card valued at $25. Contest ends this Friday at noon PDT.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

NAME THAT BEAR....please!

I'm having a contest!

Wouldn't you like to win something like this?

Or how about one of these?

Well, the answer is yes you could, if you were entering one of Pioneer Woman's contests The Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

But I love you too, and I want to give you this.....

a WalMart Gift Card valued at $25. I can hear you saying, it's about time yeah!

I have been very fortunate ever since I won two football pools started my blog back in March. I've met so many bloggers over the Internet and some in
Her, and Her...on my Major Road Trip to Phlugerville Tx.....and Him, and Him and Her in Los Angeles CA. So, this is my way of saying thank you, and let you know how much I enjoy all of your blogs.

Now, for the contest. Here's what you do. See the slide show in the column on the right? See that pitiful cute little "astronaut" bear? Well, I've been featuring my little astronaut bear in my posts for quite some time, and he's never had a real name....and a reader recently reminded me that he needs one. So, please submit a name in the comment section.

Since I don't have more that six a zillion readers, I won't be using a random computer generated winner picker. No, it will be a random grandchild's grubby little hand picking the winner out of a hat.

So, rack your brain, and shuffle your feet....then come up with a perfect name for my little bear.

Please! Just one entry per person!

Contest ends Friday, October 31st at noon PDT.

That's right, get your entry in before you go trick or treating. I will announce the winner at 6 PM on Friday....unless I can't find a grandchild with grubby hands.



Game 1: at Rays, PHILLIES TAKE IT 3 -2

Game 2: at Rays, RAYS TAKE IT 4-2

Game 3: at Phillies, PHILLIES TAKE IT 5-4p

Game 4: at PHILLIES TAKE IT 10-2

Game 5: at Phillies (if nec.), Mon., Oct. 27, 8 p.m. ET

Game 6: at Rays (if nec.), Wed., Oct. 29, 8 p.m. ET
Game 7: at Rays (if nec.), Thurs., Oct. 30, 8 p.m. ET


Please don't rain on our parade....por favor!

10:15 PM, EDT......It looks like there's gonna be a game after all.....

At 1:45 AM, EDT, Phillies win!

Game 1: at Rays, PHILLIES TAKE IT 3 -2

Game 2: at Rays, RAYS TAKE IT 4-2

Game 3: at Phillies, PHILLIES TAKE IT 5-4

Game 4: at Phillies, Sun., Oct. 26, 8 p.m. ET

Game 5: at Phillies (if nec.), Mon., Oct. 27, 8 p.m. ET

Game 6: at Rays (if nec.), Wed., Oct. 29, 8 p.m. ET

Game 7: at Rays (if nec.), Thurs., Oct. 30, 8 p.m. ET

Saturday, October 25, 2008

When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie...
......your career as an astronaut is in trouble.

Lately, some of you have wondered why I've been hanging out with my old astronaut buddy from NASA. Business has been slow for the Space Shuttle, and it looks like there might be some cuts in the Space Program in the future.

You might remember the unfortunate situation he experienced with the unexpected malfunction of the space toilet in June. He was one of the few astronauts who had the where-with-all to have a back-up solution...

the official NASA diaper....

Then, the new Russian bathroom ended up with it's own issues, by issues we are talking gas...gas separation type issues.

With time on his hands and only a few bucks in his pocket, my old buddy has been hanging around the Compound....

.......traipsing along uninvited to the movies with me, and eating like there's no tomorrow all day. The old saying "hungry as a bear" has taken on a whole new meaning.

With cutbacks looming, my friend went job hunting. Looking for a career change. Something to put bread on the table if you will. This is what he came up with.....

Yeah, he's looking for a quick buck....and based on the amount of money he's bringing in, pole dancing just might be his calling......just maybe.

But it attracts the seediest groupies.