Thursday, February 12, 2009

Easy Go...Easy Come
It was sad leaving So CA...

My whole reason for going on this short but sweet junket was to babysit so HSH could go to Dove Chocolate School and a Dove Convention, then spend a few days with my son and his family, and meet up with old friends that I miss terribly.

Things started out fine with am American Girl Birthday luncheon...and a Superbowl bash the next day.

Then I watched the same Beauty nap after a long day at school.

I got to the beach once with Little one.

...and delighted in her love of her baby.

I was amazed at how grown up Pooper was with his typical eight year old love of Nintendo DS. And spent time eating junk and seeing a movie with some awesome kids.

My daughter-in-law was recovering from surgery, and before we could even think about having much fun...

she ended back in the hospital with internal bleeding keep it simple.

This replaced any plans for personal pleasure with visits to the hospital.

The weather turned cold and wet...reflecting the turn of events.

If you were are one of my friends that I neglected to call..I'm sad that I couldn't pop in for a hug and maybe go to lunch at In N Out.

Rebeckah, my neighbor wouldn't dare try to infringe on my patio while I'm gone, ever never!

Oh, and once I get caught up on dirty laundry I'm planning to leave again the end of March for Denver. I'm gonna drive this time....maybe spend a day in Santa Fe on the way. Of course I have to honk my horn at Hollywood as a pass through Albuquerque.... Wanna come along?


hollywood said...

Through Albuquerque or just Santa Fe??! Woo-hoo! You could stop for Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts (aren't you missing those in TX?)

Anonymous said...

What a busy lady! Pooper looks like a grown man! Crazy! I bet a road trip with you would be TOO much fun! Glad you're home!

loxandlo said...

Can't believe how much the little one looks like Pooper! Even if I wasn't one of those friends you planned on calling but didn't get around to - I'm gonna pretend I was.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The kids pictures are really cute...well, except for the shy mystery friend...he is kinda creepy.
Sorry to hear your DIL is back in the hospital...I hope she is doing better now.
If it takes you from now until the end of March to get your laundry done, we need to talk lady.
Glad you made it home safe and sound.

big hair envy said...

Glad you're home safe and sound, and I hope your DIL is recovering.

Those babies are SO cute!!! Their eyes get me every time:)

Mental P Mama said...

I hope your daughter-in-law is better. And am glad you are home and doing laundry;) I cannot imagine going to California and not getting a burger at In n Out!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

What beautiful grandbabies you have. I hope daughter-in-law is on the mend.

Grandma D.J. is my hero - she knows how to live.

M said...

Too bad you had to come home so soon...I am heading down south tomorrow!

Glad your trip was fun...except for the hospital stuff...looks like you had a great time with the grandkids :)

Pumpkin Delight said...

I hope your DIL is alright now. Glad you are safe and sound.

The Running Girl said...

Sorry your trip didn't go exactly as planned, but that happens sometimes. Hope your daughter-in-law is ok.

Life with Kaishon said...

I will pray for dear daughter in law...or daughter in LOVE : ) whatever you pick!

I can not believe how grown up your grandson looks. OH MY GOODNESS. How do they get so big? Do you know, I can't get Kaishon to play his DS for anything. Seriously. Is he a normal child?

The babies eyes are SO big I can't believe it. They take up half her face.

Glad you are safe and sound. You are the coolest Grandma around.

mom x 2 said...

Glad you are back safe and sound! Your grandbabies are adorable. Sooo cute!