Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today I Washed Windows

How is that for a title? So original, because that's exactly what I did today.

I have a total of four friggin windows and they are clean...inside and out.

Notice that my neighbor still has her incredibly ugly archway trellis thing, and nothing has grown on it in the thirteen months I've lived here. Of course I'm above pointing out my neighbors lack of taste and style...but you already knew that. I really wanted to share my new window cleaner with you....

This stuff. It is streaks at all, no redos! I'm guessing you are just as excited as I am..I can feel it! and notice how I shot that picture at an angle like PW does...yeah, works for her.

During my extensive shopping spree, I bought these flip flops....the only footwear that Grandma J would allow if making up all the rules in the universe was up to her. These are also the only Speedos you will ever see Grandma J wear! Except for a Speedo sports bra....and you just have to take my word on that one.

On another subject......did anyone hear about this guy?

Man Jumps Off Taxiing Airliner

The unidentified man opened a door and slid down an inflatable emergency chute.

A 26-year-old passenger on board an American Airlines jet from Charlotte to Dallas opened a door and slid down an inflatable emergency chute Tuesday as the aircraft waited to taxi to its gate at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Nick, You live in Charlotte, right? Was that you coming to see Nana J here in Texas? I miss you snookums.


Deb said...

Pretty little toes!

Anonymous said...

Nice job! The windows look great. I have some Nike flip flops just like that but in grey and black and I love them. I'm on my fourth pair!

heartshapedhedges said...

You have ALWAYS had a thing for windows....even as a kid, I remember you rambling (that was before you had a blog) about how great newspaper is for cleaning windows, streak-free! Anyhooo.....4 windows? I think I have more than that in my closets, seriously!

Didnt hear about the airplane guy, what a loon.

The Queen said...

Oh I so have to try this stuff.. I have lots of windows.. get washed once a year..OH.. no.. not all of them.. I pick one every year to wash... that's it...

ha ha.. I hate washing windows..

Holy Crappers said...

You have 4 windows? Not fair


Busy Bee Suz said...

Your windows look fab. Please come and help me!!!
You have really cute toes...has anyone told you that?
Hey, sometimes those darn planes take TOO long to get to the drop off point...I have stuff to do!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you forget about the windows at jj's house? How is he supposed to spot bad guys and see you drive up?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Flip flops should simply be declared the year-round footwear. I have in my collection:

blue Reeboks
black Reeboks (these first two are my faves)
light blue lands ends (never wear em)
bright green from dollar general
bright blue from dollar general
brown from who knows where

That's just the beginning, and it's pert nigh a pair for every day of the week.

If you start the petition to declare them the national shoe, put me down for a signature.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Ok where do I get the perfect glass and it better work! I cannot for the life of me to get a streak free window.
Love the flip flops!

Mental P Mama said...

You want to do some more?

Grandma J said...

Cortney, I have to check out the Nike ones!

Queen, be careful now, and don't over do it with the window washing!

CBW, Yes...flip flops, area the only thing I wear unless I have to wear something else...the cheaper the better!

NNG, The glass cleaner is at Bed Bath and Beyond..and seriously it is amazing. I have glass top tables....5 of them, and I hate streaks.

Thank you Suz for saying I have cute toes...I'm not coming to do your probably have as many as HSH, and seriously she has at least 4 in her closet alone...but then again she has six toilets to clean! BWAAAAAHAAAA!!

Anonymous, JJ has excellent eyesight...although it might be a bit blurred after getting pushed out the car window.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your flip flops. I can hardly wait until we can wear them... It will not be for a long time because there is so much snow on the ground! I love your clean windows. I need to clean mine. Thank you for reminding me. I am too sad to blog tonight. I feel stressed. Pray that tomorrow is a better day or I will totally be jumping out of a window- not a plane. XO

Jason, as himself said...

There is nothing like freshly washed windows! I'll have to try that perfect glass stuff.

What? You don't have a big old Texas star of your own?

Pumpkin Delight said...

Ya know the last time I was on an airplane we sat and taxied on the tarmac for about 3 hours before we ever left LAX, had I known that was an option, I might have done the same!

You windows look beautiful! I'll have to check out that new product...I mean for my housekeeper. :)

Living on the Spit said...

I'd live in flippies if I could...can I get a note from you that it's okay because you said so.

Nick said...

Nope...I'm in Charleston!!! How quickly they forget. I've been busy with my new puppy I got yesterday. Take care and maybe I'll make it to Texas when it warms up~!

mom x 2 said...

Love the flip flops... I have a nike pair that I LOVE! I can't wait until it is warm enough to start wearing them again.

I'll have to try that stuff out on my windows. But I have WAY more than 4 :( Perhaps you could come and help me.....

Big Hair Envy said...

I think we should have a "Cutest Flip-Flop" contest at the Blog Fest!!! I LUV me some flip-flops....even though I do have Fred Flintstone toes:/

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

My perfect glass is arriving today. I cant wait to sparkle my windows!