Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moving One Car Load At A Time

Because, when you neighbor is moving at the same time, and says, "hey, let's get one big truck and my son will get a buddy and move us both."

Grandma J thought that was a pretty nice idea, and said, "I was going to hire movers because I can't be doing heavy lifting with my bad back, but if it's not too much for your son, then I'll pay him $200 but make sure he doesn't mind moving both of us."

It just so happens, the neighbors son is more than willing to move Grandma J for that amount, but it doesn't include the truck. No problem, Grandma J reserves the biggest truck....27'. But getting down to the wire, the rules changed. He'll move furniture only, no boxes, totes, drawers, computers, or other small stuff....

Now, it's all a matter of one load at a time. But when Grandma J's daughter heard that the neighbor's son decided that he wouldn't move small stuff, and no unhooking and re-hooking, or any assembly like beds was not included, she got mad. AND..... he's only making one three mile trip in the truck, well, it made her madder.

She was so mad, she told grandma J to hire her own movers out of the local paper for $60 hour, with a three hour minimum. But that wasn't an option because Grandma J already told her neighbor that maybe it was too much for her son to move them both, and she would hire her won movers....the neighbor said her son was really counting on the money, so it was too late to back out.

So, Grandma J's middle daughter took off work, and came to the rescue.

Loading and unloading all kinds of small stuff. Back and forth over and over....

And no, she's not a professional drawer stacker

And as you can see it really doesn't matter because by the looks of those drawers Grandma J is not a professional clothes in the drawer folder. Seen as she walks past the guest bedroom.

Before leaving, middle daughter wants to show off her battle scars.....

And the ones here, and here......

Especially the ones on her legs. Grandma J knows how lucky she is to have such a good daughter.

Tomorrow A-Ron has a visit to the orthodontist game on his city league team. What should be interesting is how the coach, aka Mr. Noodle, treats A-Ron. That's if the coach shows up at all. This same coach coaches A-Ron's competitive team too. Last Saturday at practice, there was an incident.

By incident, Grandma J is talking about A-Ron beating the crap out of smacking the coaches son for throwing his new cleats over the fence, and then punching A-Ron when he confronted him.

The two boys and coach were suspended for a tournament. Then the coach quit!! Then A-Ron's suspension was changed to just one day. Weather permitting, he will play on Sunday.....his birthday. I'll report back on the Wednesday night game.

* Grandma J does not condone fighting between chihuahuas teammates, or any mates.

* It was 97 degrees here today.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

If somebody told me I'd get $200 for a one-trip move, and especially if the person I was helping to move was Grandma J., or rather anybody's grandma, there is (a) no way I'd let you lift anything and (b) no way that I'd stand there and tell you what I am NOT helping you move. I do not understand people like that, simply thinking of themselves. It's just that sort of thinking that...well, don't get me started on the ills of society. Let's move on to the part of this post I am excited about.

MY BEDROOM!!! It's so light and airy and spacious. And with a name like the Spa, the new compound sounds like a travel destination in and of itself. I'll start saving up for the air fare.

Good luck with the move, I know it's awful, but you'll be kicking back enjoying the new digs before you know it.

Pat Jenkins said...

after seeing how well you two can move grandma j maybe you should put an ad in the paper touting your services!!!... he he.. fist a cuffs at the ball field, never. though it is usually amongst the parents... i hope all gets resolved!!!

Karen said...

I'm so sorry for all your problems with your so called "mover". You've got enough on your plate and surely didn't need that. I agree with you on the fighting. Maybe smacking was not the right way to have handled it but hey, it got rid of Mr. Noodle so something good came of it, RIGHT!!! How about I send Pat out to help you. He's cheap - just feed him and give him an endless supply of Diet Pepsi and he's good to go.

bluepitbull said...

That is a true sign of the times involving work ethic (with this son of the neighbor). Should have told me you were moving, I seem to be unburdened with work, and would be glad to help. Already moved the wife up to killeen.

I try to depart a good work ethic and a certain amount of empathy to my 14 year old, but I seriously wonder if school doesn't undo anything I am trying to teach my son about being a man. I know other friends at Fort Hood who have had similar experiences with their adolescents.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Nobody wants to work but everybody wants to get paid! Sorry about the moving ordeal. I do not like moving at all. Wish I was there to help out. Good help is so hard for find these days!

Grandma J said...

CBW, Yes, that's your room alright, airy and light but not so spacious. I didn't solicit help from friends of mine or my daughter (and there were many), because sharing a truck and the "offer" from my neighbor seemed ideal.

Blue, you are so sweet. I'd love to meet you and your family someday. One day once your wife and I are settled we need to do lunchor coffee. Unfortunately this neighbor's son just retired from the Army six months ago. I am a bit surprised at his ethics and greed, or maybe it's his mother's greed.

I recall my son-in-law flying out to move me from CA just a few days after returning home from Iraq. I didn't ask and was in awe of his insisting on driving with me.

After ten months when I said I was moving to the Compound, he and four of his soldiers not only moved me in no time flat, they had all my stuff put away, my bed made, and would have drawn me a bubble bath if I asked. As they were getting ready to leave, they saw another woman moving stuff out of her van into her apartment, and without asking took over and emptied her van in minutes.

Now, A-Ron at 13 (this Sunday) isn't at the reach out and help level, let's hope that maturity level shoots up as he gets older.

Living on the Spit said...

I would have done it for free. Absolutely free...both he and your neighbor should be ashamed of themselves.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The movers are a rip-off. I am just as irritated as your Daughter is. Really.
Your new place is lovely. I hope you enjoy it and don't have a crazy, sloppy neighbor again. :)
A-Ron, is totally in the right for smacking some one who hit him after he disrespected his cleats. Can't wait to see what happens...what time is the game? I want to come.
I hope he has a great birthday.

Anonymous said...

After hurricane Katrina a very nice guy for $500 drove the Uhaul truck from Houston to New Orleans, loaded said truck with whatever survived the storm, drove all the way to san antonio, unloaded and set everything up for us and after all that he had to drive back to Houston where he lived.

If I were your daughter I would have caused bodily harm to your mover guy. How low can he get!

Chris said...

Baseball brawls are always the best. Hope all is well.

hollywood said...

That is the pits about the neighbors son---and that she said 'he was counting on the money' but not really counting on the work. I would have sent my son, he would of done it and he has a truck!

Anonymous said...

Just some quick back round on the B-Ball fight! Coach noodle and his son have been harassing A-Ron all season, think maybe cuz coach noodle son sucks!) A-Ron has taken it, but when you throw his custom made A-Ron cleats over the fence and then push A-Ron to the ground (A-Ron 98lbs, Young noodle 135-140lbs) you deserve an a** kicking!!! Now A-Ron is a local hero, at school and the ball field!!!

Mental P Mama said...

I cannot stand that neighbor, or her son. The end.

Deb said...

I hope I never have to move again, but I'm sure it will happen. Moving sucks. No two ways about it. Now the worst is behind you...go slow and take it easy. Boxes will be waiting for you on your terms!

Sorry to hear about the baseball casuality. Sounds like it all worked out for the best.

bluepitbull said...

A retired guy? Yikes!! That's a crying shame.

I am sure the wife would love to have coffee with you sometime.

Margaret said...

Hi Grandma J-
Hope you don't mind, but I tagged you on my blog. I like your blog, and wanted to add you to the tag.

The Incredible Woody said...

Thank God for middle daughter! Sounds like I migh need to come and open a can of TN whupass on the 'mover'!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just sputtering after reading your post. You are far too kind -- I couldn't have controlled my smartass response to the neighbor whose son wanted the money without working for it (and the son would NOT have received a dime).

Middle daughter must be a delight, just as HSH is.

And way to go A-Ron. Good advice it is that tells our youth not to start fights, but to know how to finish them. (I think that is especially apt after hearing "Anonymous's" extra input on the whole situation.)

Hope your new digs feel like home soon.

Karen B.

Grandma Nina said...

Hey G.J.,
Moving is the worst. I can't believe the neighbor. Being retired military you'd think he'd do the honorable thing and help for no money. Thank goodness you have such a great daughter and also a great grandson.
Good luck in your move.

M said...

Counting on the money???? Money for nothing?? How old is her son...because I think he is a spoiled brat! Your daughter is the coolest!

Life with Kaishon said...

Your daughter is so wonderful to take off to help. I like her!

I am sorry about the boys fight. Kaishon and his friends (and his father for that matter) fight NON stop. If I could play a sound track, you would be worried about murder! I guess that is just how boys handle their stuff!

I am glad you put the disclaimer at the bottom though because after reading that I was going to head out to the grocery store (because it is the only thing open 24 hours) and fight someone.... Oh yes I was!

Anonymous said...

I would have told the guy to move it all or it was off. What a lazy butt! Good thing your daughter was there to help.

That is some drama with A-Ron's coach!

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